Cyber Essentials Plus - Special pricing for Charities

Cyber Strategies are offering a special discount for Charities of 20% against the normal charges for completing the Cyber Essentials Plus on-site assessment. This discount is available only as a special concession to registered Charities. To request a price for the CE Plus assessment click here and complete the information form.

Cyber Essentials is the government backed certification scheme which encourages organisations to address the five core technical controls which, once in place, will help prevent 80% of internet born attacks. 

Charitiable organisations will still be required to complete the online Cyber Essentials self-certifying process before the Cyber Essentials Plus process can commence. Please note that the CE Plus process must be completed within three months of the date the online certificate was granted. To start the online process, please click here.

To sign up for the above offers which are only available to registered charities please click here and complete the information requested or telephone 020 3195 3957.